DS Acrylic-NS

DS Acrylic NS offers advantages over traditional solvent-based paints. DS Acrylic is a non-slip formula that can be applied to damp surfaces and previously painted chlorinated and synthetic rubber surfaces. Use of DS allows the pool to be filled within 3 days after the final application of paint. Acrylic coatings such as DS are used when short down times are critical. Water-based acrylics are extremely color-fast and UV resistant. Excellent for areas such as steps, pool floor, zero entry, wading and baby pools.

  • For use over previously painted rubber or acrylic based coatings
  • Use on steps, concrete coping, pool floor, zero entry pools, wading & baby pools
  • Semi-gloss non-slip finish. Self-priming
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Up to 2 years’ service life
  • Cleans up with soap and water
Application: Roller or Brush. Spray not recommended
Coverage: 250 sq. ft/gal. on bare surfaces; up to 400 sq. ft. per gallon on recoats
  Dry Time: 3 dry days outdoors; 6 days indoors. Re-paint between coats—4 Hours
Clean-up: Soap and Water

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