Wood Deck Stain

Ramuc Wood Deck Stain is a premium, semi-transparent water-based acrylic stain for use on weathered and treated woods. Ramuc Wood Deck Stain provides superior color retention, long-lasting durability and protects against harmful UV rays, mildew and water damage. Perfect for wooden hot tub skirt and spa decks. Created to last up to 6 years.

Application: Stain Pad, Brush, or Sprayer
Mixing: Mechanically Mix
Coverage: 150-350 sq. ft./gallon depending on surface
Fill Time-Outdoor: 24 hours before deck use.
Clean-up: High Pressure Power Washer
  • Outside temperature must be 50-90 degrees.
  • Excellent for weathered or pressure treated lumber.
  • Do not use when rain is imminent.

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